Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mypapa Kitchen

Located at One Jaya, Jalan Song, Mypapa Kitchen sells assorted pastries and cakes. I made cake reservation in their Facebook few days earlier because their products especially cakes are selling like hot cakes.

Mango Velvet Cake RM13.80, Lava Cheese Cake RM9.80, Lava Matcha Cake RM9.80

Lava Matcha Cake 
To my disappointment, when we cut the cake, no sighting of gooey in the center.

Mango Velvet Cake
I like this the most. It's RM13.80 per cup and rather pricey. It's made up of layers of cake and fresh cream, with some mangoes on top and another in the middle of the cake. The crumbly cake consist of three types, which are greenish, red velvet and bluish. According to their description, no artificial coloring has been used. It's light and refreshing, it will taste even better with more mangoes =)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Golden Kasutera "烧" @ Yi Zin Cake House

Managed to be the first to place order for Yi Zin Golden Kasutera (Honey Cheese Cake) "烧" on the Facebook, last day before the price revision! Kuchingites went wild to be among the first to place limited 35 sets of Golden Kasutera. 

Get ready before 6am daily and place order by commenting on the post of the day. Maximum 2 sets per order. You will receive confirmation order/message in Facebook upon every successful orders. Pick up at Yi Zin Cake House@Green Road (also famous with Butter Bun) the next day between 11-9pm.

RM21 for 5pcs of 4" Golden Kasutera

Tried the Taka and Yi Zin one and I prefer Yi Zin as it is creamier, tastier and cheaper haha. The cake is light, soft and spongy and the highlight is the slight thin layer of golden burnt cheese on top of the cake. Follow this  Facebook Page to know further on selling of the cake.

Tea Time Cafe

Tea Time Cafe is located at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, just beside The Gingerbread Bakery shop. Love their simple yet healthy choice of menu with fruits served.

Sushi Bread Rolls 6pcs RM8
Sushi bread consist of Korean seaweed, turkey ham, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes served with fruits

Mangoes Sandwiches Set RM15
A double decker sandwiches consist a layer of mangoes and a layer of ham egg, served with variety of fruits
I had this. This set is slightly too much for one pax but great for sharing for a light tea between two person. The fruits served are seasonal so every time you order you might get different choice of fruits. The loaf used is not just white bread but wholemeal and enriched bread (greenish bread are green tea bread I think) are used instead to glam up the sandwiches. Calling up for mangoes lover!!! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Carver's Homemade Peanut Butter

First time came across Carver's Homemade Nut Butters from a post about 10 Things About Carver's Homemade Nut Butters. They are founded in Penang and their products can be found in several places in Peninsular Malaysia. I was eager to try as their products are natural and contain no butter. I was delighted when Carver offer free shipping within Malaysia with purchase of 2 bottles and above. Without hesitation, I quickly added the peanut butters in cart and made payment. In less than 3 to 4 days, I received the my parcel in good condition from Pos Laju.

Chunky & Smooth Peanut Butter RM16/jar

I love peanut butter with generous chunks of peanut. Unlike other peanut butter, Carver's Peanut Butter is not sweet at all as no sugar or other sweetener is added. It tasted slightly different than usual one as we always had peanut butters with slight saltiness and sweetness. Layers of oil can be spotted on top of the peanut butter. Just stir it before you spread it on your foods! I would love to try the cashew butter and almond butter in the future. Prices for both are higher and volumes are lesser due to nature of ingredients used.

P/S: Adrian from Carvers left a comment on this post but I mistakenly click delete instead of publish it. Sorry Adrian! So I can just screenshot the email and share it here.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tune Hotel at KLIA2 & Metro Hotel at KL Sentral

A night stay at Tune Hotel @ KLIA2 for a next day morning flight to Macao

room rates are lower at their own website than other website
The queen room was air-conditioned with basic amenities kit provided such as hair dryer, bottled water, toiletries etc. Room was rather clean. The hotel was few minutes walk from the KLIA2 airport and along the way it was all sheltered.

***RM5 per luggage for storing services at Tune Hotel's receptionist

Overnight at Metro Hotel at KL Sentral before catching the following day flight back to Kuching. The hotel was situated opposite KL Sentral station along the shoplot and there were plenty of South Asians and Indians along the street.

RM104 Twin Room per night (through Agoda)
(with breakfast for 2 pax)

The room was large but dusty especially at the floor and the table

I was given breakfast voucher upon checking in as I booked the room with breakfast. I need to add in RM9 for breakfast during my room booking with Agoda.

Breakfast venue at rooftop

I had Continental Set which basically consist of 2 toast, 1 bun and 1 croissant with scrambled eggs

Another choice of the breakfast - Char Kuey Tiao

Tea with creamer and sugar was free flow. No coffee was served and I was told to pay when I requested for coffee. Frankly the breakfast choice in Metro Hotel is awful and too little and my advise is don't bother to add in breakfast option when booking your room unless it is the same price with or without the breakfast.

Jenny Bakery Cookies, Hong Kong

Famed Hong Kong must buy - Jenny Bakery Cookies' shop is situated in Mirador Mansion! One of the advantages staying at KG Garden Guest House is you can purchase the cookies in the morning (don't be too late as it may sold out) and bring it back to your room and you do no need to bring it around to everywhere.

One of the counterfeit Jenny Bakery in a mall at Tsim Tsa Tsui

Beware of counterfeit Jenny Bakery products as you can see similar products almost everywhere in Hong Kong. There's even a stall at the ground floor of Mirador Mansion selling Jenny Bakery cookies which I doubted its authenticity being of the real Jenny Bakery cookies. People may walk into the stall buying the cookies which in fact kinda misleading as the real shop was actually at the first floor. Their operating hour is 9am to 7pm but I went there before 9am and it was open!

The genuine shop selling Jenny Bakery Cookies at Mirador Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui

Left - 8 Mix Nuts Cookies 460gm (Small) HKD 120 (MYR74)
Right - 2 Mix Butter Cookies 640gm (Large) HKD 130 (MYR69)

2 Mix - Butter Flower & Coffee Flower
 There are another layer of cookies at the bottom. The cookies was so rich and butter-ly and literally melt in your mouth. Coffee Flower tasted better with decent coffee aroma.

8 Mix Nuts Cookies
There are suppose to be 8 type of cookies - Coffee Almond, Cashew, Almond Poppy Seed, Walnut, Chocolate, Hazelnut Macadamia, Pistachio, Kenari, according to the website description. The nuts cookies are slightly harder and crunchier than the butter/coffee flower.

But I only managed to find 7 types and I'm pretty confident that I didn't missed out any unless the last one tasted almost identical with the rest!

Bring your own plastics/woven bag as they will charge HKD10 for each plastics bag.

KG Garden Guest House, Mirador Mansion, Hong Kong

Accommodation in Hong Kong is usually undersized unless one doesn't mind to pay more for a spacious room to sleep over the night. Since we have limited budget for the trip, I engaged on KG Garden Guest House at Mirador Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui during my 3 nights stay at Hong Kong. Not to forget - famed Jenny Bakery Cookies shop is located in Mirador Mansion too (read the post here) !

Since the room was petite, this is the best shot I could get from the edge of the room
Twin room rate for RM152-RM159 per night through Agoda

Kinda old fashioned bathroom and this probably one of the best considering the price you pay

Drinking water was provided outside the room. Fridge was provided in sharing basis.

I booked the room with two booking IDs as I extended another day at Hong Kong. I requested to stay at the same room during checking in but they could't promise me that on the day I checked in. During the last night there, I was astonished to found a note outside my room saying that the management had moved my baggages to another room. Fortunately, my belongings were in good condition at the new room. It would certainly be better if they managed to arrange me staying at the same room despite I booked the room in two different booking IDs.

Location of Mirador Mansion is ideal as there are at least 3 to 4 7-11 just a few walks from the building. There's way more accommodations located at Chung King Mansion though. It's bigger but there's lots of foreigners especially South Asians wandering outside the building. It is advisable to stay at Mirador Mansion as compared with Chung King Mansion as there is management office with security and CCTV at the Mirador Mansion. Literally Chung King Mansion looks newer, larger and more complicated with the South Asian foreigners which I think the safety is one the biggest concern after all.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant 海云台韩国料理

Obsessed with Korean foods recently!

Kim Chi Jjikeh (Boiled Kim Chi Soup) Set Meal  韩国泡菜汤 RM18.90

 The rice portion was a little petite to me. The filling in kim chi soup was lesser as compare with the one I had in Seoul Garden, Vivacity previously.

Lamb Shoulder Set Meal RM22.90
 The lamb shoulder portion was quite generous but the rice portion could be more to complement the meal.

Free drinking water given so there's no need to order additional drinks to gulp
 The kim chi was so hot that I gulped the water so much and became bloated after that.

Located at a Shoplot at Tabuan Desa

Saturday, March 25, 2017

5 Footway Inn, Project Ponte 16 Macau

I had a pleasant 4 days 3 nights stay at 5 Footway Inn which located at Project Ponte 16, Macau. The location of 5 Footway Inn was satisfactory as Sofitel Hotel was just across the street (where I usually go across the road to use the Sofitel free shuttle bus to Border Gate), Senado Square is just around 10 minutes walk, Circle K convenience store is also opposite the hotel and there is a money changer just 2 to 3 shops nearby. The staffs were very friendly and helpful when I was asking for direction. The only down side is there is no lift at the hotel so it is really not convenience for elderly and those with huge luggages. I booked the room in 2 Booking IDs through Agoda. I requested them to arrange for me to stay at the same room so that I did not need to pack and unpack to move to other room. Luckily they managed to arrange for me as that period was not a peak season and rooms were not fully booked. I also requested to stay at lower floor during my booking with Agoda and fortunately I was placed at second floor =)

Lobby of 5 Footway Inn 

Apple Computers & Sofas for guests

Comfy and clean single bed of twin sharing

Another bed of my twin sharing room at second floor

Clean bathroom with bathtub. Hairdryer, shower gel, hair shampoo, razor, shower cap, toothbrush with toothpaste are provided

Guests can make various drinks, i.e instant coffee, tea and fill in hot/cold drinking water in the dining area. There are also fridge, microwave, cutlery and crockery. Quite a cozy place for a long stay.

Washing Machine with detergent & dryer are available at the rooftop for guests use without any extra charges

There's a electronic weighing scale at the lobby too. The room was around RM300++ per night during my weekdays stay. Room rates are generally higher during weekend. It may not a budget accommodation due to our weaken RM currency but it is definitely a decent choice of stay  in Macau throughout my KL-Hong Kong-Macau-KL trip.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

McDonalds in Hong Kong & Macao

I'm loving it - McDonalds in Hong Kong & Macao. McD were the meals that I had the most throughout the trip! There are McD all over the places in Hong Kong and plenty in Macao too. Whenever I feel to stop for a toilet break, McD is the best choice because it is literally everywhere. Whenever I was too hungry and had not found the place I intended for the meal, McD is the most convenience place to drop by to satisfy my hunger before the next meal comes in.

Unlike in Malaysia, McD in HK & Macao offers some unique options and I really love their drinks choices. I can choose to have milk tea, hot chocolate or lemon tea without extra charges. 


EVB Egg Fritter Muffin with Ham Set HKD25 (comes with Hash Brown & Hot Coffee)
their hash brown is absolutely splendid. Their creamer is in liquid form instead of powder one.

Hidden gem...bits of corn in the egg~~

Happy Meal

Happy Meal Fillet O Fish Set HKD26  (comes with corn, toy & hot chocolate) 
I think their tartar sauce is more sourish that the one we have in in Malaysia. 

Fillet O Fish

All day meals =)

Some elite McD store do provide Kiosk for you to customize the meals

Our McD meal customization experience 

Upon choosing your meal, wait for your number.

Brioche ? Garden Fresh ? Angus Beef ?

Garden Fresh Combo Brioche with Angus Beef Combo Meal HKD41.50
(comes with fries & hot chocolate)
the brioche bun looks so smooth and shiny =)
Wiki: Brioche is a French pastry and similar to a highly enriched bread. The high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb.

Angus Beef Burger with Garden Fresh Salad & Cheese

Went to Kowloon Park at Tsim Tsa Tsui for a stroll and there's a McD dessert kiosk

Purple Sweet Potato Sundae Corn HKD6
despite the cold weather, I can't resist to have this. The purplish sweet potato taste was adequately infused. It was so good. Why can't they launched this flavor in Malaysia?

McD dining experience in Macao:

Shogun Burger

Shogun EVM Combo MOP32 (comes with fries and a drink - Coke)

Sweet Potato & Vanilla Sundae Corn with Oreo Waffle Cone MOP 10
This round in Macao, I tried the sweet potato mix with vanilla sundae, complement with Oreo cone. It's MOP/HKD 4 more than the usual sundae cone. There's a mini oreo cookies on it.

Last McD meal we had throughout the trip was in airport. We were pretty early when we arrived at the airport. Surprisingly that we found out the Big Mac Combo Meal was only MOP42. Kinda worth as compared as other meal. I was short of the MOP thus I went to the Money Changer in the Macao Airport to exchange from RM to MOP just for the Big Mac Combo Meal. It was a crazy idea as it wasn't worth it at all to exchange RM25 with the rate of 1.59 to MOP 39.75. 

Big Mac Combo Meal MOP 42... with McBrew Tea for the drink

得不到的东西, 我们会一直认为他是美好的, 那是因为你对他了解太少, 没有时间与他相处在一起. 当有一天,你深入了解后,你会发现原不是你想象中的美好.