Saturday, May 9, 2015

Convenience Stores in Taiwan

Loving the convenience stores in Taiwan, because it's everywhere and I found the foods there very much interesting. 7-Eleven, Family Mart  and Hi-Life are among those familiar stores in Taiwan. I visited those chain stores almost every night in Taiwan. It's located across the street, railway station, shopping malls and everywhere. There's a few photos to share and it will be just nice to share it in one blog post!

Sandwiches, desserts, cakes, puddings

Lok-lok style

Pineapple Cakes in box

Chilled ready to drink drinks...

Sumiyaki Coffee at NT 25-30, depending on flavors

I love red beans dessert and there is instant red bean sweet potato desserts in 7 Eleven at NT35! Can asked the staff to warm it using the microwave=)

Matcha Soy Bean Drink so only...The MungBean Milk was super nice but I forgot to take photo

Bought Sushi (NT59) to be eaten during our train journey from Zuoying to Taipei

Kyushi Ramen with Roasted Pork NT69
no pouring/adding of water upon reheating...the soup is inside the packaging itself~
I wonder why the ramen did not turned soggy after soaking in the soup inside the packaging for so long?
Perhaps the soup is in solid form and when it is heated, it turns into liquid?

Probiotics drink to aid digestion and promote bowel movement =)

Lays Seaweed NT30  for supper!

What I dislike about most receipts in Taiwan is they never itemized/listed the prices of individual products. All you can read from the receipt is the total price you pay. It's impossible to check back the price of those items you bought in that store.

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