Sunday, August 8, 2010

Western Set Lunch at L'Apprentice Putra Restaurant, UPM

The single use menu:


Garlic Bread

Smoked Salmon with tossed Green Garden Salad

Pumpkin & Leek Vichyssoise with crouton
see the burnt crouton? total disappointment

Main Course
Herb crusted rolled with chicken with mushroom Risotto served with saute vegetables
see the portion? it looks small but I did felt full after having 6 pieces of the small chicken rolled with Risotto. Risotto was quite nice and I liked it. (Risotto=Italian rice) The herbs sauce was weird and generally insufficient. But then after that they refilled the sauce to me.

saute vegetables

Classic Chocolate Mousse serve with vanilla ice-cream & strawberry sauce
the texture of the mousse was not smooth...the raspberry sauce with ice-cream was a lot better than the mousse.

Herbs is mainly used in the set lunch but I hardly tasted herbs flavor in the dishes. Every dishes is a total disappointment to me. But it is really cheap as I can get refiilliable water, bread, appetizer, soup, main course, dessert and coffee/tea at only RM 25.

I'm sorry to say but I'm not really into second visit although the theme Japanese & Korean are coming soon.

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