Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mypapa Kitchen

Located at One Jaya, Jalan Song, Mypapa Kitchen sells assorted pastries and cakes. I made cake reservation in their Facebook few days earlier because their products especially cakes are selling like hot cakes.

Mango Velvet Cake RM13.80, Lava Cheese Cake RM9.80, Lava Matcha Cake RM9.80

Lava Matcha Cake 
To my disappointment, when we cut the cake, no sighting of gooey in the center.

Mango Velvet Cake
I like this the most. It's RM13.80 per cup and rather pricey. It's made up of layers of cake and fresh cream, with some mangoes on top and another in the middle of the cake. The crumbly cake consist of three types, which are greenish, red velvet and bluish. According to their description, no artificial coloring has been used. It's light and refreshing, it will taste even better with more mangoes =)


  1. I also attracted with the Lava cake But really disappointed after cut it. LOL.... Not even any gooey or creamy texture at the center. -.-" However, the taste was quite nice & its packaging look good.

    1. Yes somehow not up to quality as the picture illustrates


得不到的东西, 我们会一直认为他是美好的, 那是因为你对他了解太少, 没有时间与他相处在一起. 当有一天,你深入了解后,你会发现原不是你想象中的美好.